Zena Tiny Homes

To find out more about this product and our Tiny Home range, download the brochure below or make an enquiry on our website, our solutions-based team will be happy to help.

We are Zena Tiny Homes by ClassBuilt – specialists in the business of high end interior fit outs. We are passionate about helping New Zealanders live healthier and in less debt. Our factory has been manufacturing since 2008 with most phases being controlled by our own in-house team.

Zena Tiny Homes is an inspiration we have been carefully working on to help alleviate the chronic shortage of affordable and sustainable housing in New Zealand. Our Tiny Homes came about after investigating more cost effective ways to construct normal housing. We combine affordability and sustainability with the benefit of being transportable to make sure kiwis get the best use of the resources available to them.

Zena Tiny Homes offer a combination of sizes ranging from our smallest 6 x 3m studio version to our largest, a 12.5 x 3m deluxe two-bedroom. We have worked hard with our design team to preserve an attractive permanent appearance, while still upholding the re-usability of a transportable dwelling. We have incorporated a wide range of unique features and innovations. This includes the use of panelized construction, to ensure that the result meets and exceeds your brief.

Instant income –  If you have spare land available a tiny home is a very straight forward way of generating an instant income. With sites like AirBnb and Canopy Camping so readily available, a Tiny home is a brilliant opportunity to make your spare land profitable.

No consent required – You will need to check with your local council, however in most cases, Zena Tiny Homes do not need consent as they are made either on skids for temporary placement or on trailers to be easily transported.

See our team to discuss your needs for suitable housing. We can guide you through the process of finishing your very own Tiny Home!

Waitakere Zena tiny home double level inside
Dannemora zena tiny home inside