Make your storage work for you, ClassWall provide custom built modular cabinetry and sliding white board units, that can be tailored to your specific needs. Each module is interchangeable, which makes the most of the area that you have keep’s wasted space to a minimum and future proofs against excess cost, should you decided later on that a change is needed.


Modular Sliding Whiteboard Systems

ClassWalls’s Modular Sliding Whiteboard systems are an innovative way to spruce up the classroom environment. They provide a large amount of whiteboard space and storage area for all your essentials. These units can also be projector and Television screen optimised to suit all teaching methods. ClassWall storage whiteboards come in three convenient sizes and are also completely customisable.

Brochure & Spec Sheets

To find out more about these products download our brochure and spec sheets below or make an enquiry on our website, our solutions based team will be happy to help.