Ellerslie Primary School:

The design team for this school utilized Classwall for not only the classroom whiteboard cabinetry but also the utility room benching, stainless steel outdoor and indoor kitchens, and the bag storage units. A total of twenty four, 2.4 meter ClassWall whiteboard storage units were installed into this school. Ellerslie primary school have an ever increasing roll of around 650 students and needed to expand their classroom capacity, a new double story classroom block had been built and needed fitting out, ClassWall modular Systems, working in conjunction with Savory Construction, were chosen to provide the cabinetry due to the fact that we are specialists in this particular field and we could produce the kitchens, bag storage, and utility room components as well as the classroom cabinets.


ClassWalls’s services were called on to provide an acoustic solution for various boardrooms around Fonterra’s research centre in Palmerston north. The rooms had an excess of resonance due to the walls being unlined and this was affecting the clarity of VC communications during conferences and meetings.

Three dimensional Beehive acoustic tiles were applied to the walls in an artistic fashion to dampen the noise and achieve a satisfactory result.

Client comment: These have made a substantial difference and solved the problem…Thank you

Mt Maunganui Intermediate School:

With an ever increasing body of around 580 students, Mt Manganui School is building 10 new classrooms to cater for the expansion in numbers, and also to replace temporary classrooms. This fit out required, wall to wall cabinetry that fitted the size of each classroom individually; this was an important feature for this school. A total of 10, 9 meter ClassWall units were installed into this school, each unit had to incorporate plywood bag storage units, as an extra feature of the cabinetry, and also a tall cupboard with a whiteboard surface, adding to the designed look of the fit out.

PBI Height Safety:

Hard surfaces at double height created an acoustic challenge at PBI height Safety for this busy reception and office area. ClassWalls’s 3D Sahara acoustic tiles were used wall to wall in order to greatly reduce the echo and general sound level in the building. The result was a much quieter environment, while creating a feature wall that looked great in their reception area at the same time.

Client Comment: Wall tiles are up – they look amazing and just absorb so much sound!

Whangarei Girls High School:

A total of four, 3.6 meter ClassWall white board storage units were installed in Whangarei girl’s high school. The teachers in this school required double the normal whiteboard space, without increase the wall coverage area. This was achieved by a quad track system that allowed each cabinet to have two complete layers of white board, while still being able to slide all white boards to one side for access to the storage behind; these units were also colour coordinated with the rooms that they were going into.

Client comment: Teacher- these units are great, so easy to use!

Hastings Girls High School:

Seven 3.6m ClassWall Whiteboard Storage Units were installed at Hastings Girls High School. With a roll of over 830 students, Hastings Girls High School provides quality education for the young women of greater Hastings, Years 9-13.

Three of the units, which went into Block 1’s modernisation, rooms 1, 6 & 7 were coordinated to complement their blue “Pacifica Pattern”, and the other four units in a red “Maori Pattern” for rooms 2, 3, 4 & 5 both design schemes add a very vibrant and creative feel to the classrooms.

Milford School:

Four 2.4m ClassWall Whiteboard Storage Units were installed at Milford School. With a roll of over 530 students, Milford School on Auckland’s North Shore offers quality education to Primary school students Years 1-6. In their four classroom refurbishment, Milford school chose ClassWall for two main reasons; they were within their budget, and agreed to an exceptionally quick lead time.

Client Comment: Teacher – I can’t believe the amount of storage capacity these cabinets have!

Hastings Central School:

Six 4.8 meter ClassWall white board storage units were installed into Hastings central school for a refurbishment that the school was doing. Hastings central school has a roll of over 166 students and were looking to improve their current facilities.

ClassWall was called on to provide all the whiteboard storage units and cabinetry for their renovation, putting ClassWall units into their classrooms meant that they could improve the storage and use the space that they had to the best of its potential.

Lindisfarne College:

Four 3.6m ClassWall Whiteboard Storage Units were installed in new classrooms built at Lindisfarne College in Hastings. Lindisfarne is a large private boys boarding college in Hastings, well known for producing high achievers. Ever expanding to cater for their growing roll, Lindisfarne needed whiteboards, they needed storage and they needed teaching space. They chose ClassWall as they were not only getting all three of these in the four new teaching units; they were also getting the flexibility of choosing their own layout, in order to maximise storage and space and future proof their design.

Client Comment: Teacher – I love it! The first time I opened the sliding whiteboards there was an audible gasp from my students behind me. “Very impressed”


This fit out required an operable wall that would divide a large area into two separate spaces for meeting and training rooms. The 10 meter operable wall was made of HPL Formica, and the ability to be able to write on the ‘wall’ was made possible by integrating splashback style glass into the surfaces of both sides of the door. This was the perfect solution as the client didn’t want to put in a permanent wall in order to future proof their design