Ensure your environment looks and sounds its best. ClassWall has a comprehensive range of products that cater for all your acoustic needs – from flat noise reducing panels, to Pinnable wall coverings, and 3D decorative tiles. Let your imagination run wild!

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School Cabinetry

Make your storage work for you.  ClassWall provides custom built modular cabinetry and sliding white board units, that can be tailored to your specific needs. Each module is interchangeable, which makes the most of the area that you have.  This also keep’s wasted space to a minimum and future proofs against excess cost, should you decided later on that a change is needed.

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Operable Walls

Have that permanent look and feel, with the added bonus of flexibility. ClassWall operable walls are an innovative solution for anyone looking to divide larger rooms into smaller areas. These are available in a range of different finishes; acoustic materials, glass, fabrics, laminates, etc.  This ensures they fit seamlessly into your specific environment.

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